Welcome to Wyoming Baptist Church

    We are a Church committed to see people grow their faith in Jesus Christ.

    Sunday Worship

    Yes, we're still open during the Grey Lockdown. We have availability for 35 registrants, so please, register your spot today using the link below or by phoning the church before 5pm on Friday.
    The weekly sermon is also available on our YouTube station. 

    Register for Sunday Morning

    Prayer Meetings

    We are currently offering a weekly ZOOM gathering for prayer and fellowship on Tuesday’s at 7:30pm.  
    We will add more times if requested.

    Zoom Prayer & Fellowship 


    We Are Hiring!

    We’re hiring summer interns for summer 2021. 

    Job posting #1 - Children's Ministry and Worship Service Support
    Job Posting #2 - Children's Ministry and Technology Support

    Posting closes April 15th. 

    Apply to wyomingbaptistchurch@gmail.com

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