Junior Church


Junior Church is back!

The Discipleship Committee is pleased to announce we are resuming Jr Church effective Nov. 22.  Due to current Covid-19 restrictions we have some important instructions for parents:

1. Parents are asked to continue to register online for church and make sure their children are included in their registration.  This helps us ensure we do not exceed the church capacity. 

2. Parents are asked to complete the online covid-19 school screening for all of their children prior to arriving at church. If a child does not pass, they need to stay home. Here is the link to the screening tool https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/.  Masks are required for children grades 4 and up. We encourage parents with children JK-grade 3 to wear masks if possible. 

3. When you arrive at church stop at the registration table and pick up your kids kit box and you can sign up for Jr Church if you would like your child to attend. You will need to confirm your child has passed the school screening. A snack will be provided in the kids kit that can be eaten under the parents supervision in the church. Snacks will not be served during Jr Church. 

4. Children’s story will continue during the service with children remaining with their families. When the children’s story is finished, parents can escort their children past the accessible washroom into the nursery area. Once you child has washed their hands in the nursery sink you can check them into Jr. Church through the nursery door. Please note: the nursery remains closed at this time to infants/toddlers and the gymnasium remains closed so please only access the Jr Church room through the nursery. 

5. Children will be physically distanced during Jr. Church and have their own pencil case with their own art supplies. There will be a teacher and helper in the room each Sunday to assist the children. 

6. At the end of the service parents must return to the nursery room to pick their children up.  Children cannot walk around the church unattended at anytime. 


If you would like to volunteer to help out with Jr Church we continue to look for more teachers and helpers. Please contact Jenn H. if you are interested.