Children's Ministry


We maintain a philosophy of ministry for children's ministry that focuses on the impact of the home and family in developing the faith of children and young people. We hold tightly to that ideal as a Biblical standard, and seek to challenge ourselves to develop new ways to resource not only kids, but their families with the truth of the gospel.

Our Sunday worship services each week include a time dedicated to connecting with young children in story and preparation for their Jr. Church time that happens while the worship service  proceeds. We make the conscious effort to keep the children in our worship service for special events like baptisms or celebration announcements.

At numerous times through the year we organize special events and camps through the week that are specifically intended to be a great experience for kids, to share the gospel and serve the families of young children. Typically, we have offered science and drama/music camps in the summer months and a variety of sports based camps in the winter months. These are usually around 3 days on the weeks they are run. You can find  more information about these camps on our church calendar page.