Boards & Committees

There are opportunities to serve on church boards and committees.

Prior to the annual meeting each year the nomination committee will be looking for those whose gifting and interests match a need on a committee. Training and mentorship will be provided where needed.  Committees also need people to come along side them at certain times to help, such as during special services or events. Please feel free to let the church leadership or office know if you would like to be considered for these positions, or if you would like to be called to help some times.

Board of Deacons: Working hand-in-hand with the pastor/pastors, they oversee the ministry work and general operations of the church, participate with pastoral staff in providing appropriate supervision to the overall church ministry work, guidance and direction to all other operating committees and boards. For more details, please speak to Pastor Steve or Harvey K.

Board of Management: Provide specific attention to preparing and managing the church annual budget, care and maintenance of the church facilities, attention to matters of legal or insurance needs, church policies and security.
For more details, please click MANAGEMENT or speak to Frank G or Mark S.

Discipleship Committee: Work together to oversee scheduling and curriculum for children's ministries, planning and running children's special camps and events, organization of bible studies, classes, teachers and leaders for all ages.
For more details, please click DISCIPLESHIP or speak to Rhonda L or Lisa B.

Fellowship Committee: Planning and organization of church family social events, dinners, management of kitchen, preparation for luncheons, church celebrations, and as needed, funeral luncheons.
For more details, please click FELLOWSHIP or speak to Becky W.

Missions & Outreach Committee: Leading and directing our church in its outreach ministries, both local and global, planning and running outreach events, planning for connections to our community, preparations of short-term missions trips and teams, liaison for our missions partners.
For more details, please click M&O or speak to Tammie R.

Worship Committee: Preparation and planning for Sunday services, music selections, volunteer scheduling of worship teams, technology and equipment for main auditorium, worship events, assist with baptisms, etc.
For more details, please click WORSHIP or speak to Ross T, Linda N, or Debbie C.