Adult Ministry

Small Groups

Early in 2017, we initiated a home based small group ministry. The primary purposes of this ministry is:

  • to offer a safe, comfortable environment where people can engage in learning scripture, and can ask the honest questions that lead to growth in faith and maturity in life practices
  • to share our celebrations and struggles together, developing rich relationships across our church family in the interest of building each other up in faith
  • to intentionally reach out to connect with those who are newer to the WBC family and help them find their place of belonging as part of our church.

While we anticipate several other blessings will come from the small group ministry, these would be the focus and primary goals.

Men's and Women's Ministry Opportunities

The focus of attention for adult ministries at WBC will be our small groups. However, throughout the year, there are also opportunities for connections with ministry initiatives that are specifically intended for men or women. These may range from short term (6-10 weeks) bible studies, service opportunities, or food based gathers like Saturday breakfasts!!