First Time Here


Wyoming Baptist Church is a member of the Middlesex Lambton Huron Association (MLHA) of Baptist churches in the Canadian Baptist of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ). That may or may not be of any interest to some, but it gives a frame of reference for this church’s character.

There are two things that dominate the landscape of our church directions right now: our commitment to keep the gospel of Jesus Christ at the foundation and heart of the church, and our determination to see faith in Christ moved from one generation to the next, primarily through the home and family.

Jesus Christ is the one and only through whom ALL creation will find reconciliation and redemption, and the Bible is our foundational word for all matters of life and practice. You can find more detail about what we believe here.



Checking out a new church on Sunday morning can be a bit unnerving. Hopefully we can relieve some of the mystery and uncertainty with some information about our church that guests may find helpful. Here’s what you should expect if you come to WBC.

  • A welcoming environment. We seek to have somebody just inside the door every week to welcome you here, hand off a bulletin for the morning and answer questions you may have. If the people who initially greet you can’t answer the question you might have, they’ll know and show you who can.
  • A place for kids. Our nursery care is always staffed by qualified, screened and trained people who love babies and toddlers. The first half of our worship service includes the children of our congregation, and we dedicate a specific time to a children’s story that is the prelude to them heading out for a time and environment prepared for them. The sound of children is a common and welcome melody in our gatherings.
  • An intentional time of worship through music. Our church is richly blessed with people gifted in worship arts, most predominantly in music. We acknowledge that not as a matter of pride in ourselves, but in responsibility to our God - believing he has given us our gifts so that we might present them back to him in expressions of dedication and gratitude. We intentionally de-emphasize discussions about music styles and prioritize lyrics and melodies that boldly declare the truth of the gospel - whether in hymns or modern and contemporary music. That said, most of our worship music is more contemporary in style.
  • A Biblically based message. Without hesitation or reservation, what is preached at WBC will ALWAYS be centered on the word of God. Our goal every week is to faithfully present the word of God as it speaks into every facet of our experience, and to be refreshed each week with the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ as it speaks for itself.
  • A comfortable place to be. Dress comfortably…we’re less concerned with what people wear, and more interested in helping each other get focused on new life found in Jesus Christ.