Covid-19 Resources


The Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has challenged & changed everything about the
way we now do life. It also challenges the way we do “church”. We are now asked
NOT to meet in large or small gatherings, so with no access to our building and
restrictions on small groups we are forced to find alternative ways to be the “church”.
But, there are ways we can continue to BE the church. The purpose and calling of the
church has always been to be the “called out ones”, called out for the purpose of
making the great name of Jesus Christ known in each generation. Because it’s only
because of Him that we have HOPE. And that’s a message we all need right now. So
now is the time for the Church to become engaged in “loving God and loving others.”
So, this is our HOME page during this crisis. Homepage for suggestions, resources,
and community connection. Each Sunday we’ll meet here ON-LINE for our worship
gathering. You’ll also find on going suggestions for teaching and resources for ALL
AGES. There will be suggestions on how we can be an encouragement to others
through ENGAGEMENT. We’ll also provide ways you can stay connected to others via
On-Line platforms for group chats and video. And lastly, we’d like to offer a place for
you to send prayers and financial support.
We are witnessing something truly unprecedented and instead of isolation and fear let’s
be the church who “loves God and loves one another.

Click here to join Connexus Church Barrie for On-Line Sunday Service, try the 10:30am

Click here to join Life Church for On-Line Children’s (Birth - 5th Gr.) and Youth Ministry
Ages (Gr.6-12).

Click here to access WBC past sermons

Click here to access the WBC Right Now Media Library dedicated COVID-19
suggestions for all ages.

Click here to access kids activities or visit our Facebook page

Click here to give to financially to our church

Click here to send a prayer request

Want be social, while observing social distancing, try a Video Group Call (via Google
Hangouts) here’s how
1. Go to
2. Click “Start a Video Call”
3. Click “Copy Link”
4. Paste the link into a group text
5. Proceed to have a group conversation

Want ideas on how to engage with our community and further love one another, follow
our suggestions on our Facebook and Youtube Page

Want worship suggestions? Follow our Spotify account