Our Staff

Darryl BergenPastor Darryl Bergen
Pastor of Youth & Family Ministries
Darryl and Lisa are passionate about seeing faith stick in the next generation and partnering with families as they seek to foster faith formation in the home. You can email him at darryl@wyomingbaptist.com

Teresa ThomasTeresa Thomas
Office Administrator

Teresa has a passion to serve Christ and share her spiritual gifts as she works in the office at WBC. Teresa loves to share her creativity as she cares for the daily operations of our Church. Teresa is Married with 2 boys. Please stop in and say Hello and if you have any questions she would be glad to help you. You can email her at wyomingbaptistchurch@gmail.com

 Terri ClarkTerri Clark

Besides keeping our building clean and tidy, Terri will always bring a smile to your face with her cheerful disposition.

Shayanne de Boer
Summer Intern 

Shayanne loves to share her gifts with others and help them to discover their own. She is passionate about teaching kids how to find God in every bit of their lives. Feel free to email her if you have any questions about the children’s ministry and its summer camps at shayanne.deboer@gmail.com

   Jillian de Boer
Summer Intern

 Jillian is a  St. Patrick’s Catholic High school graduate and will be heading off to Humber college in the fall for baking and pastry arts management. Jillian is creative and loves to show this through the work she does. She is happy to help out where she can and she is always ready to do so. Jillian is super excited to be doing this internship to help grow my faith and leadership skills.