Our Faith

Since we seek to minister in a culture that moves increasingly towards ambiguity of beliefs and a demand for tolerance of all beliefs, it is appropriate and wise that we identify a clearly defined doctrinal framework that we will align ourselves with. These doctrinal statements provide us with a clarity of understanding about what we believe regarding foundational principles of the Christian faith. For a complete copy of the Doctrinal Statement, click here.


God is wholly one, yet existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Through this triune being, all creation came together and holds together.
God is all powerful, all present, all knowing, holy, the perfection of love, faithful, full in grace and mercy, unchanging, eternal, sovereign and just.
God is worthy of ones full devotion, trust and praise.

Jesus Christ:
Jesus entered humanity through a miraculous birth, born of a virgin, conceived by the Spirit of God. He was fully human and simultaneously fully God. He lived a sinless life so as to be sufficient as a perfect sacrifice. He came to be the Saviour of all mankind and is the only one through whom people can find reconciliation with God. 

Holy Spirit:
The Holy Spirit is the fulfillment of the promise that God would always be present with his followers.

Revelation and the Word of God:
God has revealed himself to mankind through creation, through his word (the Bible, that is perfect, complete and true), and through Christ.

Man, Sin and Salvation:
Mankind was created in the image of God. The very first of humankind disobeyed God and gave in to a sinful and selfish nature. All people fall short of the glory of God. Anyone who accepts by faith that salvation and reconciliation with God was accomplished by the death on the cross and resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ will in fact be saved, made new, and fully redeemed before God.  It is the grace of God that empowers us to receive faith, and the response of God to our choice of faith that assures us as His own.
Phrased quite simply, we have life when we have Christ, and no hope of fullness or eternal life apart from Christ.
We gain assurance of our salvation through:
1. the promise of the Word,
2. the evidence of the Spirit in our lives,
3. and the evidence of growth and change in our lives.

The Holy Spirit works to continually shape a believer into a more refined image of Christ, and it is the responsibility of the believer to seek and submit to this. This pattern of maturity, growth and refining is referred to as sanctification. It is accomplished through teaching of scripture, fellowship, worship, witnessing and service.

The Church:
The church was begun at Pentecost and has both a spiritual and institutional aspect.
The invisible church is the spiritual body of all believers of all ages.
The universal church is the spiritual body of all believers who are on earth at any given time.
The local church is the gathering of true believers in Christ in a certain place of worship. The purpose of the local church is to glorify and worship the Lord, grow in Him, fellowship with one another, and grow by reaching people for Christ and by folding them into the life and fellowship of the church. This local membership is made of true believers who have publicly expressed their faith in Christ through baptism by immersion. 
The Baptist distinctives for the local church are as follows:
  B - Born again church membership
  A - Authority of the Word of God in all matters of faith and practice
  P - Priesthood of all believers. All believers are students of scripture and ministers of the gospel.
  T - Two ordinances: Baptism by immersion, The lord's Supper
  I - Independence (or autonomy) of the local church
  S - Separation of church and state
  T - Total world mission
Christ's Return:
The victory over sin, death and Satan is already won. Therefor we have an eternal hope because of Christ.
Christ will return and gather all believers to himself at a time appointed by God and unknown to mankind. As this age of history ends, Satan and his demons will be fully defeated and sentenced to an eternal punishment. there will be a day of final and all-encompassing judgment.
God will establish a new heaven and a new earth where the righteous (redeemed) will live forever in the presence and relationship with God that was the intent of original creation. In that state, there will be no evil, sorrow, sickness or death. This is the eternal hope of faith in Christ.